Rev. Brent Whitefield Ph.D.

Mobilization Pastor

Covenant Church has as its mission to develop and deploy fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ to disciple our family, community, and world. The Go ministry reaches out to our community and world through the work of four teams: Mission, Mobilization, Evangelism, Church Planting. Each of these teams is committed, in their unique way, to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
I hope you will enjoy exploring this page which will give you an introduction to our many ministry partners, keep you updated on Go events, and acquaint you with opportunities to use your time, talents, and treasure in the service of God‘s kingdom. If you have questions or want more information on how you fit in, please contact Go ministry assistant Aimee Brown at

Church Plant 

Our Church Plant  is underway with commitments made by individuals and families to support the spread of the gospel through planting a church is Eastern Collier County. Click the  button below and learn how you can get involved.


For more information about Mission trips please contact Aimee Brown

Covenant Local and Global Mission Partners

Our local and regional mission partners are Christ followers who we have decided to join together in accomplishing  Jesus’ mission for the church and giving generously to God’s work.

Get to know our Local Mission Partners
To fulfill our mission we will make disciples in the Nations, partner with mission teams and lay leaders to bring restoration and share the Gospel. Take some time to learn about our mission partners.

Get to know our Global Mission Partners

Faith promise plege

The Faith Promise Pledge is an annual financial commitment made by individuals and families at Covenant to support the spread of the gospel through our local and global Go! Mission Partners.

We believe that God calls us to directly support His work outside the walls of the church through a separate financial commitment. In the past, individual Pledges of all amounts--large and small--have been given. All used by God to expand and deepen His Kingdom around the world!

Your Faith Promise Pledge is between you and God. We encourage you to pray and listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Your Pledge is a step of  faith, and we trust that, in God’s hands, your Pledge will be multiplied and used for His Kingdom, blessing countless others in the name of Jesus!