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Pastoral team

Rev. Trent Casto D.Min.

Senior Pastor
Trent is passionate about communicating God’s Word with Biblical integrity, building up the church to be fully devoted followers of Christ, and promoting discipleship in the family, community, and world. Through his leadership, the church is encouraged to live in a "rhythm of discipleship of worship, grow, serve and go" such that each is growing in maturity in Christ and is spreading the good news of the gospel and doing good works in the name of Christ.

Rev. Brent Whitefield Ph.D.

Mobilization Pastor
Brent is called to challenge, strengthen and encourage disciples for the work of outreach and missions. He helps give direction to our outreach and GO missions commitments through teaching and through seeking out and maintaining healthy kingdom partnerships. "It is my prayer and goal that our church will draw people to the Gospel by exemplifying Christ’s love for the lost, by being a visible blessing to our community, and by reaching the unreached with the Good News in obedience to the Great Commission." 

Rev. Chris Voorhees

Congregational Life Pastor
Chris provides a ministry of care and visitation to the congregation which includes a comprehensive contact and visitation plan to effectively minister to the sick, the hospitalized, the shut-in, the bereaved, and those in long-term care facilities using combinations of Pastors, Elders, deacons, and laity. Chris also oversees our Stephen Ministry and GriefShare programs.  


John Hunter

Executive Director
John serves the ministry and pastoral staff so as to take as much administrative and operational burden off of them as possible in order to maximize the pursuit of their respective ministerial duties and pastoral call.

David LaChance, Jr.

Worship Director
David directs the worship services, musicians, and vocalists with an intent "to worship Him in Spirit and in truth by the power of His Spirit and by magnifying the beauty of Christ through a union of biblical truth and excellence". 

Aaron Dean

Assimilation & Lay Ministry Coordinator
Aaron guides our assimilation and lay ministry efforts. He oversees our Intro to Covenant class for those interested in becoming members. He also recruits volunteers, organizes lay ministry events and oversees opportunities to serve the Covenant body. In addition, he leads the Covenant 20's ministry.

Sherry Kendrick

Family Ministries Director
Sherry leads our family ministries in guiding our children from birth to high school graduation. She directs the staffs of our children and student ministries such that the gospel is taught to all age groups through passionate, trained teachers and partners with parents to assist them in the discipling of their children at home as well as at the church.   

Harriette Noller

Business & Facilities Director
Harriette stewards the business and facility resources and  works closely with ministries in the areas of finance and banking as well as office operations, personnel, and facility management.

Dave Hannon

Technology Director
Dave equips the church with technology to support and enhance each ministry by identifying, implementing, and executing the right tools to accomplish goals.  

Ryan Young

Production Director
Ryan recruits, trains, and encourages a large team of technically proficient volunteers, prepares content for worship services and special events in all areas of the campus, and maintains and procures audio and visual technology across the campus. 

Mona Johns

Communications Director
Mona provides graphic design and layout for all communications outlets including print and digital visual media for ministries, safeguarding style and branding compliance across all channels. 

Charlene Richardson

Covenant Counseling Director
Charlene provides pre-emptive Christian care and counseling for those in pain, crisis, or life adjustment, guiding and encouraging those seeking personal growth and spiritual health. She also leads the Covenant Counseling Center and manages its staff. 

Manuel Pereira

Assistant Worship Director
Manuel serves as the assistant to the Worship Director, assisting with worship design and organization, substituting in leading when necessary and providing administrative support. 

Keith Manley

Facilities Manager
Keith manages our facilities by  ensuring the proper functioning of all building systems, preparing for all events and routine activity, overseeing campus maintenance and managing maintenance staff. 

Elisa Hillberry

Student Discipleship Coordinator
Elisa models the love of Jesus to draw students to Him through planning activities, preparing lessons, leading worship, and building discipleship relationships in one-on-one time with our female students. 

Josh Leaman

Student Discipleship Coordinator
Josh models the love of Jesus to draw students to Him through planning activities, preparing lessons, leading worship and building discipleship relationships in one-on-one time with our male students. 

Cindy Esposito

Counseling Assistant
Cindy provides administrative support for the Counseling center and serves as the primary pipeline for Counseling Center communication and coordination with clients, staff members, lay leaders, etc. 

Bethel Nagy

Bethel, provides general administrative support, including reception work, general communications,  print development and production and supplementing  as needed in assisting a broad range of ministries, staff, and lay-lead ministry leaders. 

Pam Sanborn

Executive Assistant
Pam provides administrative support to Pastor Trent organizing schedules and calendars, arranging travel, fielding phone calls, greeting visitors to the Ministry Offices, and maintaining general communication to/from the staff and public. 

Kelly Eastman

Children's Ministry Assistant
Kelly directs and oversees our Mom's Morning Out Program. In addition, she is responsible for our nursery and nursery staff for all of our childcare needs, shares administrative tasks with the Children's Ministry Team and helps with the elementary age Wednesday evening program. 

Susan Sawyer

Children's Ministry Assistant
Susan directs and oversees preschool children's church and the Wednesday evening preschool program. In addition, she maintains the volunteer calendar for all Sunday morning teachers and helpers and shares administrative tasks with the Children's Ministry Team. 

Sarah Schultz

Student Ministry Assistant
Sarah provides administrative support for Student Ministry with its varied needs from the week to week communication to the details of year events and trips. She maintains the youth database and scheduling needs as well as making sure lots of food arrives when needed. 

Peggy Carpenter

Mobilization Assistant
Peggy provides administrative assistance to the Mobilization Pastor in the activities of Serve and Go. She also serves as the Covenant librarian. 

Judy Caldwell

Congregational Care Assistant
Judy coordinates Covenant prayer email, hospital visitation, rehab, and long-term care visitation. 

Jason Francoeur

Production Assistant
Jason produces and manages photography and video for events and milestones and assists with Sunday worship production and Covenant social media presence. 

Madison Lindsey

Administrative Assistant
Maddy provides a variety of support services to the Administrative Staff including database and calendar input, standing in for vacationing administrative assistants, and supporting the Director of Business and Facilities. 
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