Children’s Ministry Team

Sherry Kendrick

Family Ministries  Director

Kelly Eastman

Children’s Ministry Assistant

Susan Sawyer

Children’s Ministry Assistant

Katie Craig

Children’s Choir  Director


Children’s Ministry Mission & Vision

We will tell
the next generation
the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord,
of his power and the wonders
He has done.
Psalm 78:4

Vision Statement

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and with the
support of their parents, Covenant Children will experience a learning and loving community who will encourage them to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

We seek to develop children into fully devoted
followers of Jesus Christ through:

Hearing the CALL of the Gospel
 Learning the CONTENT of the Bible
Living in the CONTEXT of the church
Building COMMUNITY with others
Enjoying milestone CELEBRATIONS

As we strive to be faithful in telling the next generation the glorious deeds of the
 Lord we hope that our ministry will help both kids and adults feel a warm sense of community among our Covenant family.
Family Ministry Director, Sherry Kendrick,


Sunday School happens each week from 10:00 a.m. - 10:50 a.m.  It is for ages 2 through 5th grade! (There are also classes for middle school and high school at the same time if you have older kids!) Sunday School is where your child would have discipleship in a small group setting, would learn the content of God's Word from a redemptive point of view.  Currently, we are all learning questions and answers about God in the context of Bible stories, applications and activities - it's called KidsQuest! 

EVEN if you send your kids to Children's Church (which is AWESOME because it's about WORSHIP!!) please consider joining us for Sunday School too!  It's a sequential discipleship program for them that will help them understand their faith!

Preschool Sunday School

Beginning Kid’s Quest
 Using accounts from the Bible of God’s work in the world to help the children understand God’s character and Bible truths, we are learning the first 13 questions of First Catechism. The children will learn that God made the world and everything in it; that there  only one true God and that God’s love and care is expressed in our redemption through Jesus Christ.

Elementary Sunday School

Elementary Kid’s Quest
 Using accounts from the Bible of God’s work in the world to help the children understand God’s character and Bible truths, the children are learning the first 57 questions of First Catechism. The children will learn that God created the world out of nothing; that that God created Adam and Eve in his own and established a covenant relationship with Adam, requiring Adam to obey him perfectly.  They also learn that because Adam chose to disobey God, every person on earth is born with a sinful nature that rebels against God’s authority. Each lesson also points to God’s loving provision of a means for forgiveness and redemption.

What are your children learning when they leave the Worship Center in the first or second service to go to children's church?

They are learning about WORSHIP.  They learn about worship by staying with you until the point of the sermon, but they continue to learn about worship in their class.The preschoolers and kindergarteners are using a curriculum that sequentially takes them through the gospels and it becomes their "lesson" instead of the sermon.

The 1st-3rd graders are learning about the different parts of the worship service and why they are included in worship.

Preschool Children’s Church

The Rescue Begins
After Jesus was born in Bethlehem, He grew up and began to prepare for His ministry. Jesus demonstrated from a young age that He understood His role as God's Son. When Jesus was baptized, God confirmed His sonship. Jesus was subsequently tempted by Satan, but He did not sin.  What makes Jesus different? Jesus is God's One and Only Son.

Elementary Children’s Church

Teach Me To Worship and Pray
 Our focus in learning to worship and Prayer! The love of God is the main reason we realize that we can talk with God. If He didn’t love, He wouldn’t want to talk with us. But He does. He hears, He listens, and He interacts
with us. No wonder prayer is part of our worship, and important for us to understand.

Children's Sunday Schedule

 Children’s Church and Nursery available
NOTE: Please arrive in time for the children to check-in and go to their classes before you go to yours. If you are attending 11AM Worship, pick up your children after Sunday School, take them to the Worship Service and they will be dismissed after the offertory to go to Children’s Church.

Worship Center Nursery - Ages Infant – 2’s
3 year olds – FH 108
4 year olds – FH 111
Kindergarten – FH 115
1st grade – FH 205
2nd grade – FH 206
3rd/4th grade FH 209
5th grade FH 211

Children’s Church and Nursery available
Thank you for trusting us with the care and well-being of your children. We are so excited to have your child participate in our children's ministry and look forward to building a relationship with you and your family.

Children's events

Mom’s Morning Out
Enrolling now 

Monday through Thursday
 10:00 a.m. - 10:50 a.m.

Offering 1 or 2 day options
 Ages 2– 4 year olds
 (by August 1st)
Covenant Church of Naples' Mom's Morning Out is a ministry for both children and parents.
Our purpose is to provide a loving environment for children, while offering mothers and father a needed break.
for information contact | 239-597-3464