Sherry Kendrick

Family Ministries  Director

Josh Leamon

Student Discipleship Coordinator

Elisa HIillberry

Student Discipleship Coordinator
A genuine


for God and people.
A desire to


in the gospel of grace.  
A passion to 


the church and city.
A heart to


into the world.


Sundays | 10AM | Fellowship Hall 212 

On Sunday mornings we gather as a large group to discuss different topics in culture and Scripture from a gospel-centered perspective!


Sundays | 10 AM  | Worship Center 212

On Sunday mornings we gather as a large group to discuss different topics in culture and Scripture from a gospel-centered perspective!


Wednesdays | 6-8 PM | Meet in Fellowship Hall

Our Wednesday night focus is small groups!  We gather for a meal and then split into small groups divided by age and gender for a Scripture discussion.
We invite all high school students to join us for large group teaching, small group discussions, food, games and fellowship.

Student's Events

Here's a sneak peek
at our upcoming studies for the Spring semester!


(Middle School Sunday morning):
Middle School students will learn to answer challenging questions asked by their classmates, friend groups, and culture. This series will take a gospel-centered approach to apologetics by connecting the timeless truth of God's Word and the difficult questions our students are being asked. Students will be able to answer questions such as "Can't we just be good without God?" or "How can you believe the Bible is true?" The goal of this series is to strengthen the faith of our students and to equip them to have sound and compelling reasons for their faith.


(High School Sunday morning):
Justice seems to be on everyone's mind these days.  We hear about it on social media and the news, and everyone seems to have a different opinion of exactly what 'justice' is.  But how much do those ideas line up with God's heart?  This study will help you understand what justice looks like in the Bible and how God has called you to carry it out.

Thy Kingdom Come

(Middle School Wednesday night):
We've talked at length about the time Jesus was on Earth- why he was here and what he did- but what happened after he left?  How did his disciples share his mission and his teachings?  What does the life of a Jesus-follower look like when Jesus is no longer physically present?  We will talk about these questions and more as we read through the rest of the New Testament, seeing how God's kingdom has come and is coming.

Confident Hope

(High School Wednesday night):
Oftentimes, we can hope for things we don't actually believe will happen. We hope without faith. The Bible reminds us that our hope is radically different. Our hope is produced through our faith. High School students will study through the book of Hebrews to uncover the reasons for confident hope in Jesus. This study will help develop biblical literacy among students while also showing how there is truly nothing better than Jesus. The goal of this series is to understand the message of Hebrews and develop confident hope in Jesus as a result.