Sherry Kendrick

Family Ministries  Director

Josh Leamon

Student Discipleship Coordinator

Elisa HIillberry

Student Discipleship Coordinator
A genuine


for God and people.
A desire to


in the gospel of grace.  
A passion to 


the church and city.
A heart to


into the world.


6 PM Dinner in Fellowship Hall 
Small Groups 6-8 PM

High School and Middle School Students meet for Large group discussion and split into small groups.


 10 AM | Fellowship Hall 222

On Sunday mornings we gather as a large group to discuss Visible Faith and how all Christians are called to evangelize.


 10 AM  | Worship Center 212

On Sunday mornings we gather as a large group to discuss different topics in culture and Scripture from a gospel-centered perspective!

Student's Events

Studies for this semester!

Mental Health
Understanding what is going on in your head

High School Sunday School 10:00 AM:
It's a well-known reality that Gen Z struggles with more mental health problems than any generation before them.  These are issues for Christians and non-Christians alike, so what can we do?  This series will aim to give students a greater understanding of common mental health issues, like anxiety and depression, and help them develop a gospel-centered response both for their own mental health struggles as well as their conversations about mental health with non-believers.

Visible Faith
How All Christians are Called to Evangelize

Middle School Sunday School 10:00 AM:
Isn’t evangelism just for pastors and missionaries? Am I really called to share my faith with other people? How can I share my faith when I know people don’t believe? This series will challenge Middle School students to understand that evangelism is a calling given to all Christians! Many times students want to share their faith but don’t exactly know how or when or maybe even what to say. People should know that we are Christians by our words and actions. In order to share our faith well, we must know the gospel, believe the gospel, love the gospel, and have a love for those who do not know the gospel.

3 Reasons Why We Have Small Groups

"The Christian life is not one of solitude." There are at least three good reasons for having small groups: community, discipleship, and accountability. This Wednesday Night series called United will help us get back to the basics of why we have small groups!