Sherry Kendrick

Family Ministries  Director

Brian Campbell

Student Discipleship Director

Elisa HIillberry

Student Discipleship Coordinator

Tim Heard

Student Ministry Worship Coordinator

A genuine LOVE for God and people.

A desire to GROW in the gospel of grace.  

A passion to SERVE the church and city.

A heart to GO into
the world.



Dinner 5:30 PM | Fellowship Hall
Small Groups Following
High School and Middle School Students meet for Large group discussion and split into small groups.


 10:00 AM | CS 220-221

On Sunday mornings we gather as a large group to discuss Visible Faith and how all Christians are called to evangelize.


 10:00 AM  | CS 218-219

On Sunday mornings we gather as a large group to discuss different topics in culture and Scripture from a gospel-centered perspective!

Student's Events

Studies for this semester!


High School Sunday School 10:00 AM:
What is the gospel and what does it mean for my life?  We will answer that question and many more in our interactive study of Romans this semester.  Come prepared to think and learn how to read and understand the Bible as we explore this book together!

God's Covenants

Middle School Sunday School 10:00 AM:
How does God relate to us?  How can we trust that God will be faithful to keep all his promises?  These are natural questions we have as we read the Bible, and one of the best places to look for answers is the Old Testament.  There we see story after story of how God takes care of his people and keeps his promises.  Come and see how God cares for you as we study the Old Testament together!

Mental Health and the Gospel

High School Wednesday Night (8th - 12th grade)

We are using Why Am I Feeling Like This? A Teen’s Guide to Freedom from Anxiety and Depression by David Murray as our guiding resource for this study.  The topics we are covering are stress/overthinking, anxiety, doubt, depression, a split girl/boy night on body image/fear respectively, negativity, media, and perfectionism.  On the final night we will have one of the counselors from our center come to provide insight on our topics and information about the resources the counseling center offers.

Who Am I?

Middle School Wednesday Night (6th-7th grade):

 Middle School is a tumultuous time in life where children become teens and experience so many changes and challenges.  In all that confusion students are forced to decide what their identity is- who they will associate with and how they will define themselves.  In this series students will learn how to see themselves as God sees them, and how to have a solid identity that can’t be shaken by what their friends and their phones tell them.