Sherry Kendrick

Family Ministries  Director

Josh Leamon

Student Discipleship Coordinator

Elisa HIillberry

Student Discipleship Coordinator
A genuine


for God and people.
A desire to


in the gospel of grace.  
A passion to 


the church and city.
A heart to


into the world.


5:30 PM Dinner in Fellowship Hall 
Small Groups 6-8 PM

High School and Middle School Students meet to discuss Christian Sexuality and have conversations about Jesus, sex & gender


Sundays | 10 AM | Fellowship Hall 222

On Sunday mornings we gather as a large group to discuss different topics in culture and Scripture from a gospel-centered perspective!


Sundays | 10 AM  | Worship Center 212

On Sunday mornings we gather as a large group to discuss different topics in culture and Scripture from a gospel-centered perspective!

Student's Events

Studies for the Fall semester!


High School Sunday School 10:00 AM:
High School students are asking and being asked a lot of tough questions about their faith.  We want to answer some of those questions together and prepare students for the hard conversations they're having now and will have in the future.  This series will take a gospel-centered approach to apologetics by connecting the timeless truth of God's Word and the difficult questions our students are being asked. Students will be able to answer questions such as "Can't we just be good without God?" or "Why can't we just agree that love is love?"

Themes from the Old Testament: How everything points to Jesus

Middle School Sunday School 10:00 AM:
This fall our Middle School students will be learning about themes from the Old Testament. Because the Bible contains one overarching story of redemption, we can go back through the Old Testament to trace themes that are present at the beginning, middle, and end. These themes provide deep biblical insights that have the power to shape and transform our lives today. By tracing these themes throughout the OT all the way to Jesus, students will see how the whole Bible points to Him. These themes make the beauty of Jesus come alive in new and powerful ways!

Christian Sexuality

Middle School & High School Wednesday nights:
Starting September 8th, 
Dinner at 5:30 PM Fellowship Hall
Small groups meet  from 6-8 PM 
Now more than ever, we need to have a robust, honest, and theologically rich conversation about sex, sexuality, and gender. This is exactly what this series aims to provide.  
It's easy to see Christian conversations about sex and sexuality as a list of do's and don’ts we have to follow in order to make God happy. But what if this view misses the mark?
In this series, we will explore God’s beautiful intent for sex, sexuality, and gender. We’ll discover that Jesus didn’t come to enslave us to a list of rules. He came to give us life and help us flourish as we align our sexual selves with the Creator’s plan.