A Woman of the City

Apr 18, 2021    Brent Whitefield

The power of forgiveness and faith are showcased by Christ as he turns the tables on a self-righteous Pharisee and grants salvation to the unlikeliest recipient.

This woman gives us a picture of redemption: sorrow at sin, overwhelmed by grace, affectionate in gratitude, extravagant in worship.
Love is not how forgiveness is earned, it is how forgiveness is displayed.
Those who experience forgiveness know a fullness of joy, peace, and abounding love that ever eludes the unrepentant, the self-righteous, and the faithless.

Questions for further study:
Do you think this is the woman’s first encounter with Jesus or not? Why?
What is the relationship between forgiveness and love?
What importance do you attach to the specific gestures of love (washing, kissing, anointing the feet) that the woman displayed?
Compare and contrast the understanding of Simon and the sinful woman concerning who Jesus is.
Can you identify any signs of hope for Simon the Pharisee?