Advent In The Wilderness

Nov 27, 2022    Greg Blosser

Isaiah 35 speaks hope to weary exiles who wait for redemption. Its an appropriate meditation during Advent season for Christians who are still waiting for Christ to return.

Sermon Outline:

I. Homesick exiles 

II. The home we’re sick for 

III. The way back home 

IV. What we have while we wait 


Discussion Questions 

1.  When was the last time you visited your hometown? What was the experience like? 

2.  Isaiah 34 describes the judgment of God. What does chapter 35 tell us about the intentions and purposes for God’s judgment? Why is this hard to remember? 

3.  What life experiences tend to give you “weak hands and feeble knees”? How does this passage speak to your need? 

4. In what ways is Jesus shown to be the fulfillment of this specific set of prophecies in Isaiah 35? 

5.  In what ways are you presently witnessing the kind of transformation described in this text? In what ways are you still waiting to see this promised transformation?  

6.  What has God given us to help us “walk on the way” (v8) as we wait for the world to be fully restored ?