The Gift

Dec 20, 2020    Brent Whitefield

What gift is appropriate for a coming king?

Sermon Points:
I.The arrival of a king is a source of joy for some, and fear and contempt for others.
II.The identity of Christ often eludes the most learned scholar while it is obvious to the simple seeker.
III.For those who recognize Christ as King and Lord, the only appropriate response is worship.

Questions for further study:
1.How is it that the priests and scribes believed that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem and yet had no interest in exploring the claim of the birth of a king there?
2.How do you suppose the magi were familiar with the idea that a ‘king of the Jews’ was to be expected?
3.Why should the people of Jerusalem be troubled by the prospect of the birth of a king?
4.Do you see any deeper significance in the magi’s choice of gifts?
5.In the Scriptures, there is a connection between ‘falling down’ and worship. Can you explain this association?

Today, December 20th, 2020, Brent Whitefield delivers his sermon from Matthew 2: 1-12 entitled "The Gift".