The Path to Discipleship

Wednesdays aren't just another day—they're a chance to deepen your faith and find community.
Have you ever had a week that felt like an uphill climb and it's only Tuesday? We get it. We're not meant to navigate life alone. That's why Wednesdays at Covenant are a sanctuary, a mid-week pause where our Covenant family gathers to refresh, refuel, and reconnect over food, friendship, and fellowship.
Step out of the weekly grind and join us at Midweek Connection, where our Covenant family provides the support and encouragement you need. It's more than just a gathering—it's an opportunity to grow together in faith and strengthen those connections that matter most.



Women’s Ministry Team
JAN 17

CORE – Spiritual Disciplines  

Pastor Chris Voorhees
Pastor Chuck Betters
Tyson Heyn
JAN 17

CORE - New Testament 

Pastor Paul May
Jan 17

Mission Priorities

Pastor Brent Whitefield
JAN 17


Bev DeVries
JAN 17

Theological Training for Leaders

Pastor Trent Casto
JAN 17

Covenant Friends (Protected Harbor)

Sue Boot
JAN 17

Exploring Family Worship

Tyson Heyn


We will take a few breaks from our scheduled classes. Get ready for engaging and inspiring Wednesday evenings with special guest speakers! 

Dan Doriani

JAN 10

Mission Fest

JAN 24

Enduring Word Bible Museum

FEB 28

Jay Sklar

MAR 13