Covenant Church of Naples Shepherding Guide

We are His people, the sheep of His pasture.
- Psalm 100:3

Philosophy of Shepherding:
The Biblical "why" of Shepherding

Because the preached word is so central to everything we do here at Covenant, we are asking you take some time and watch these two formative sermons on shepherding delivered by Pastor Trent. They will provide an in-depth understanding of our philosophy of shepherding.

Resources of Shepherding

We are providing a "Go-to" collection of training materials available to provide support on an ongoing basis.

Resource Matrix

A chart of resources are available to address specific issues you may have as a shepherd.

Key Books on Shepherding

A list of key books on shepherding is attached that are available in the church library and also available for purchase.

Domestic Abuse Policy

The Session has approved the attached principles and practices to be put in place through the Shepherding ministry at Covenant.  Follow the guidelines in the action plan.

How To: Sample Agenda

A sample Agenda for a shpherding ream meeting.

How To: Conversation Starters

Good conversation starters are the ones a person can easily relate to. Tips on how to start a new relationship, have surface level interactions, and taking the conversation deeper are attached. 

Suggested Email Scripts

Emails can be a great way to introduce yourself and get the conversations started. Two scripts are attached, modify as appropriate for each situation

Suggested Telephone Scripts

We have developed two telephone scripts to help you for an initial phone call for a current member and one to introduce yourself as a shepherd to a new member. Modify as needed.