I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life

May 21, 2023    Chris Voorhees

In our last I AM statement sermon, we consider the exclusive claim that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. How could someone so exclusive bring peace to our troubled hearts? We will see Christ caring for his disciples at the end of his life by pointing to the only source of peace, himself.

I. In Christ, your future is secure

II. In Christ alone is salvation for a troubled heart


1. This passage is often quoted in evangelistic conversations. Given the biblical context,

why is John 14:6 appropriate for evangelism and why is it inappropriate?

2.Look back on your life. When have you had a troubled heart?

How did you see God give you a hope and a future in the midst of your troubles?

What currently are you still longing to see God do?

3. Jesus makes an exclusive claim to bring peace to a troubled heart.

Where have you turned before to look for peace? How did it work out?

4. Peter wanted to take Jesus’ place and die for him.

What was wrong with that? How do we do that still today?

5. Phillip wanted just a little bit more from Jesus instead of trusting him at his word.

In what areas have just wanted a little bit more from Jesus,

instead of trusting him as the sufficient savior and comforter?