Aug 20, 2023    Trent Casto

John Owen wrote back in the 1600’s about what temptation does: “It will lay the reins on the neck of a lust, and put spurs to the sides of it, that it may rush forward like a horse into the battle.” We all know what that feels like, because temptation is common to all of us. But where do our temptations come from, where do they lead, and how can we resist them? Join us this Sunday to find out.

Sermon Outline:

I. The Source of Temptation

II. The Lifecycle of Temptation

III. The Strength to Endure Temptation

Sermon Discussion Questions:

1. How does the concept of trial intersect with temptation? Can you think of any personal experiences where a trial led to a temptation?

2. Where does temptation not come from? Why is it important to recognize this?

3. What is the role of our desire in temptation as James describes it?

4. Consider the distinction between God testing His people and Satan tempting them. How can this understanding affect the way you perceive and respond to challenges in your life?

5. How does love for God counteract the power of temptation? How can we cultivate and strengthen our love for God?