What are You Worth?

Aug 13, 2023    Trent Casto

In this passage, James confronts us with the challenge of evaluating the worth of a person, even our own worth. On the one hand, what you think makes you valuable actually works against you. On the other hand, what you think makes you worthless actually highlights your true value. So, what are you worth? Join us to find out!

Sermon Outline:

I. The Lowly Can Boast.

II. The Wealthy Can Be Humble.

Sermon Discussion Questions:

1. How does the concept of valuing antiques on “Antiques Roadshow” relate to the way we often evaluate the worth of individuals in our society?

2. What are some common categories or factors that people use to evaluate the worth of others? How does this passage challenge those worldly evaluations?

3. In verse 9, the lowly are called to boast in their exaltation. What does this mean, and how does it connect to the concept of humility and dependence on God?

4. How do verses 10-11 describe the fleeting nature of riches and the temporal condition of humanity? How should this perspective shape our attitude towards our “wealth” whatever form it takes?

5. How does the passage challenge us to reframe our understanding of our own worth and identity? How does it encourage us to treat others, regardless of their social status?