The Life Everlasting

Aug 22, 2021    Brent Whitefield

We are made for the life everlasting. Do you believe this? If so, in what way is this reflected in your actions and reactions, priorities, lifestyle choices, preoccupations, and affections?

1. Only eternal things bring lasting satisfaction
2. Understanding and embracing the doctrine of the life eternal necessitates a radical re-orientation of priorities
3. An eternal perspective does not mean that we renounce all treasure. It means that we pursue the right kind of treasure.
4. Only in acknowledging the fact of eternal life may we place the triumphs and tragedies of this life in their proper perspective.
5. The blessings of eternal life to which Christ refers are not for everyone; they are only for those who believe.

Questions for further study:
What are those things we can do in this life that have eternal implications?
What are things that have significance in this life and in the life to come?
Christ said that the fool is someone ‘who lays up treasure for himself and is not rich toward God.’ How is it possible to be rich towards God?
Does everyone live forever, or only believers? Explain.
Harry Blamires writes: “To think Christianly is to accept all things with the mind as related, directly or indirectly, to man’s eternal destiny as the redeemed and chosen child of God.” How can we condition our mind to think ‘Christianly’, especially on matters of eternity?
If you believe in the life everlasting, how does your lifestyle differ from that of your unbelieving neighbor?

This is the ninth sermon in the series "I Believe", today, August 22th, 2021, Pastor Brent Whitefield delivers his sermon entitled "The Life Everlasting" based on John 6:22-40