The Second Coming of Christ

Jul 19, 2021    Aaron Dean

What does the bible really say about the second coming of Christ and why does it matter? What does the return of Jesus mean for everyone everywhere? Tune in this Sunday to find out!


- Have you considered the nature of Jesus return?

-Why do you think we most often hear of and imagine the gentle Jesus of the bible and what difference does that make?

-What does it mean to love the cross and despise the crown of Jesus and how are we to live in light of that?

-What is hell and the false beliefs surrounding it in our culture?

-As a sheep, what is your purpose here on earth?

-What pro-active decisions will you commit to in order to be about reaching the goats?

This is the fifth sermon in the series "I Believe", today, July 18th, 2021, Aaron Dean delivers his sermon entitled "The Second Coming of Christ" based on Matthew 25:31-46.