Emmanuel's Salvation

Dec 5, 2021    Brent Whitefield

The birth of John the Baptist was an occasion of great joy and anticipation. His call for repentance seeded the ground for the hopeful message of the Gospel. Zechariah’s prophecy concerning his son’s ministry constitutes perhaps the most complete and helpful guide to the nature of salvation in all of Scripture.

The Nature of Salvation
1. What we are saved from …
2. What we are saved by…
3. What we are saved to …
4. What we are saved for …

Questions for further study and discussion:

Why is fear a common response of people who observe a miracle in the Bible?

Zechariah speaks of a “horn of salvation.” Cross-referencing the term ‘horn’ in the Psalms (e.g. Psalm 18), what does this expression mean?

Why was the preparatory ministry of John the Baptist necessary?

Zechariah mentions the promises made by God to Abraham. What are those covenantal promises?

The prophecy of Zechariah addresses the expectations of the people of Israel. How do we know that the salvation spoken of is for us as well?

If the prophecy here applies to us as well, who are the enemies from whom we need rescue?