Appreciating Least Those Who Serve Us Most

May 30, 2021    Trent Casto

The Corinthians failed to appreciate the authentic ministry they had from the apostle Paul, and with the help of the super-apostles, fell for a less-than-biblical ministry. How can we recognize and appreciate authentic ministry so that we’re not drawn away by imposters?

Sermon Outline:
I. Authentic Ministry is Apostolic in its Nature
II. Authentic Ministry is Sacrificial in its Manner
III. Authentic Ministry is Restorative in its Aim

Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. Why do you think it is that we tend to appreciate least those who serve us most? How can we resist that tendency?
2. Paul writes in 12:14, “…I seek not what is yours but you.” How does this statement reflect Christ’s own heart? Why is this the necessary heart-posture for gospel ministry?
3. Paul lists a series of sins in 12:20 that are not only offensive to God, but destructive of churches. How should shepherds in churches deal with these sins when they show up? Why is it imperative that they do so?
4. In verse 21, Paul is afraid that when he comes he will have to “mourn over many of those who sinned earlier and have not repented…” The church in Corinth was full of people who had sinned in significant ways, but that wasn’t the basis of Paul’s mourning. He mourns their lack of repentance. How is the church to deal with those living unrepentantly in sin? What is the aim of such action?
5. If you’re a shepherd in the church, evaluate your own heart and ministry in light of how authentic ministry is described in this passage. Accept the grace of God by confessing and turning from those things contrary God’s intention for us. If you’re not a shepherd, are you doing everything you can to make shepherding you a joy? (Hebrews 13:17)

This is the twenty-sixth sermon in the series "God's Strength in Our Weakness", today, May 30th, 2021, Pastor Trent Casto delivers his sermon entitled "Appreciating Least Those Who Serve Us " based on 2 Corinthians 12:11-21.