Fulfilling the Great Commission

Jan 30, 2022    Brent Whitefield

The Great Commission is as binding and relevant for Christians today as it was for the believers in early church to whom it was addressed. Yet it remains unfulfilled. We need to understand why this is and get the church back on track towards its completion.

What prevents us from fulfilling the Great Commission?
- De facto universalism
- Lack of confidence in Christ’s authority
- Disbelief in Christ’s presence and imminent return
- What must change that we might see the Great Commission to its fulfillment?

1. How do we know that the Great Commission wasn’t only for the first generation of the church?
2. What theological misconceptions and errors have led us to neglect the Great Commission?
3. In what ways have you seen universalism manifest itself in the Christian church today?
4. How does the reality of Christ’s authority on earth change the way you live your life?
5. If you reflected daily on the imminent return of Christ, how would you pray differently?