The Love of the Father

Jun 19, 2022    Chris Voorhees

There are a lot of ideas about what fathers need to be like in our culture. But what does the Bible say about our Heavenly Father that helps us understand the role of earthly fathers? We will look at a half of a verse on Sunday from 1 John 3:1 to help us navigate this important topic.

1 What was your understanding of how fathers should love their children growing up? Has that changed as you have gotten older?
2. Which passage from the message today grabbed your attention the most? Why?
3. When you are certain of the Father’s love for you,
how does that change the way you live?
4. Read John 8:31-59. What does Jesus say about the marks of someone in the family of God vs. Satan?
5. How does your earthly father impact your understanding of God?