Mar 28, 2021    Trent Casto

Sexual desire was created by God and it is good. So why do we make such a big deal about the sin of lust? Join us to find out the real trouble with lust, the hope of the gospel for those struggling with lust, and a better way to live.

Sermon Outline:
I. The Trouble with Lust
1. When Lust Bites, it Does Not Let Go
2. When Lust is Indulged, it is Not Satisfied
3. When Lust Prevails, it is Not Without Victims
II. The Hope of the Gospel
III. A Better Way

Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. Why do you think the sin of lust is associated with so much shame?
2. What does the apostle Paul mean in 1 Corinthians 6:18 when he says, “…the sexually immoral person sins against his own body”?
3. Read Matthew 5:27-30 in which Jesus discusses lust. Is lustful intent without action innocent or sinful? In light of this passage, what should be our posture toward lust in our lives?
4. How does the gospel set us free from the shame and guilt of our own sexual sin or the sins of others against us?
5. Psalm 51 is the psalm David wrote after his lust led him to take another man’s wife. Pray this psalm back to God and make it your own confession of this sin.

This is the final sermon in our series, "The Seven Deadly Sins". Today, March 28th, 2021, Trent Casto delivers his sermon from 2 Samuels 13:17-22, entitled "Lust".