Feb 28, 2021    Trent Casto

Envy is perhaps the most puzzling of the seven deadly sins in that it seems to offer nothing in return for the misery it brings. And yet, each one of us struggles with it to varying degrees. Don’t let envy enslave you in madness, but discover how Jesus has set you free!

Sermon Outline:
I. The Roots of Envy.
II. The Fruits of Envy.
III. The Cure for Envy.

Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. Consider who it is that you presently envy, or where you find yourself tempted to compare with others. What does this tell you about yourself?
2. Do you find it difficult to confess when you are feeling envious? Why do you think that is?
3. Where have you seen the destructive effects of envy in your own life or someone close to you? Given how personally destructive envy is, why do you suppose we allow this sin to remain in our lives?
4. Why is it impossible for us to envy someone we truly love in the biblical sense?
5. How does the gospel enable us to have hearts full gratitude, contentment, and love rather than envy?

This is the third sermon in our series, "The Seven Deadly Sins". Today, February 28th, 2021, Trent Casto delivers his sermon from 1 Samuel 18:6-16​ entitled "Envy".