Overcoming Fear of the Future

Jan 22, 2023    Chris Voorhees

Fear of the future is one of the most common fears gripping our world. This tends to paralyze and isolate people. So what are we to do in the face of the uncertainty about the future? What instruction does God’s word give his people? What has done and what will God do on behalf of his people?

I. Overcoming fear starts with a firm foundation

II. Fear of the future will often include lies of the enemy

III. Overcoming fear through the means of grace

1. How do you typically respond when you anticipate bad things to come?

2. What element of the Rabshakeh’s speech was most alarming to you? Why?

3. What are some things you currently are afraid of as you think about the future?

4. How does Jesus’ work on the cross put into perspective our fear of the future?