We Will Remember

Jan 8, 2023    Trent Casto

Psalm 78 reminds the people of God of the importance of remembering God’s works and words and passing them on to the next generation. In this message, we will remember the mighty works of God at Covenant Church over the last 14 years so that we would trust him more and obey his good commands.

Sermon Outline:

I. We Must Remember

1. The Works of God

2. The Word of God

II. So that We Trust

III. So that We Obey

Sermon Discussion Questions:

1. How has your understanding of God's mighty works changed or been strengthened through hearing about the history and growth of our church over the last fourteen years?

2. Why is remembering so essential to trusting? Why is trusting so fundamental for obeying?

3. Scan the rest of Psalm 78. When do the people of God get themselves into trouble? How can we avoid doing the same as a church? As individuals?

4. In what ways can reflecting on the successes and challenges of our church's history provide insight and guidance for making decisions and setting goals in the present and future?