Resurrection Living

May 8, 2022    Aaron Dean

What happens to those who have died and those living when Jesus returns?
Stay tuned to find learn about our victory in Christ.

I. We will be changed
II. Death is Defeated
III. What resurrected living looks like

1. Why must we receive imperishable and immortal bodies?
2. Where is the soul in the intermediate state and how do we know this?
3. How does Paul’s use of sin and law show us our need for a savior?
4. Do you struggle more with pride and loathing in your sin or hopelessness? – What is the solution?
5. Are you abounding in the work of the Lord? Will you choose to do so?

If you have heard the word of the Lord today, then don’t leave without remembering that we will all will be changed and for the better with the resurrection. Remember that Christ has defeated our greatest enemy sin and the death it brought. Be thankful to God for our victory in Christ and remember what it’s all there for. We are to be abounding in the work of the Lord all our days until He returns for us.