Resurrection Bodies

May 1, 2022    Brent Whitefield

The resurrection of the body is the great hope of the believer. When we are raised like Christ, we will no longer be confined by our temporary earthly bodies, but we will have heavenly bodies, fully human, but suited for life eternal in the presence of Jesus. But this resurrection life is only for those who have died to sin and been united to Christ.

I. No death – No resurrection

II. In the resurrection, the body of the believer is transformed, not from human to spirit, but from temporal to eternal.

III. The resurrection is not only our great hope, but it uniquely puts this world and life into proper perspective.

IV. Jesus Christ is the template for the resurrection body

Questions for further study

1. Will only the righteous be resurrected or the unrighteous as well?

2. How can it be said that the resurrected Christ has a human body when He appears and vanishes and seems unbound by the laws of physics?

3. What does Paul mean when he writes that believers have been baptized into Christ’s death?

4. Compare the post-resurrection accounts in Matthew, Luke, and John. Why do people have difficulty recognizing the risen Christ?

5. In what ways do you think that a glorified body differs from a temporal body?