Resurrection Implications

Apr 24, 2022    Trent Casto

The central hope of Christianity is not ‘going to heaven when you die.’ Rather it is our ultimate triumph over death through our union with Jesus in a physical resurrection to live and reign with him forever in a renewed world. Join us to discover more of the implications of Christ’s resurrection victory!

Sermon Outline:
I. What if the Dead are not Raised?
II. Why Must the Dead be Raised?
III. What Must We Do?

Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. Do you believe it matters whether or not Christians are physically raised from the dead so long as we go to heaven? Why or why not?
2. How does the denial of the bodily resurrection of believers ultimately lead to the denial of the entire Christian faith?
3. If the resurrection of the body turned out to be a lie, how would it affect your life? Would anything change or would you basically go on living as you are now?
4. How is God’s glory connected with your resurrection and what encouragement does that give you?
5. How does the biblical hope of the resurrection propel Christians into bold and courageous living for Christ?