The Glory of God in the Face of Death

May 15, 2022    Chris Voorhees

It is often hard to see the glory of God in the face of death, but yet this is what Jesus shows us in the story of Lazarus. We will look at two truths and two threats to this glory in the story as we conclude our sermon series, “Death is defeated!”

If you read the whole story of Lazarus, what other truths about God’s glory are seen and what are other threats you noticed?
How do you hold in tension both truths that Jesus weeps at the tomb but yet he knows he will raise Lazarus from the tomb?
What is different about Jesus’s resurrection and Lazarus’s resurrection? Why does it matter?
As you think about your own experience with loved ones dying or perhaps near death experiences yourself, what comfort does John 11 give to you? And what would you want to do differently now in the face of death?