Mission Critical

Jul 31, 2022    Aaron Dean

This week we will consider an often overlooked aspect of the great commission. We will consider together how God has given us the mission critical task in the discipleship of our families. We will look to the Scriptures to understand God‘s call on our lives to disciple our family, the context of family discipleship, and the comfort Christ offers all of us as we acknowledge our own failures and shortcomings in this area.

Sermon Outline:
I. The call to family discipleship
II. The context of family discipleship
1. Who is to disciple our family?
2. How are we to disciple our family
III. The comfort in family discipleship

Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. How will the understanding that family discipleship is part of the great commission change how you relate to your family or those in your household?
2. Why did Jesus tell us that all authority in heaven and earth are given to him? What difference will that make in the discipleship of our families?
3. Who does God give the primary responsibility to in the discipleship of our families?
4. How does our personal worship and discipleship affect our ability to lead our families as disciple makers?
5. Looking at Jesus life, how are we to primarily disciple our families?
6. How does it provide us comfort and what difference does it make that Jesus promised he will always be with us?
7. Although God calls us to intentionally disciple our family, who is ultimately responsible for our children’s salvation?
8. With Gods help, will you continue or start discipling your family?