The (W)hole in Our Discipleship

Sep 4, 2022    Paul May

We are all disciples of something or of someone. Only Jesus disciples us in the ways that are best for us, and can fill the void in our hearts we try to fill with achievements, experiences, possessions…the list is endless. The world disciples us by demanding and taking. Jesus disciples us by leading, tending, guiding, nurturing, strengthening, correcting, and restoring, as our Creator and as the Lover of our souls.

Sermon Outline:
I. Encounter: Discipleship begins when someone encounters Jesus for the first time.
II. Engage: Disciples must engage their whole selves completely.
III. Experience: Disciples must experience and embrace Jesus’ mercy for them personally.
IV. Endure: Jesus’ boundless mercy is a rock that enables us to endure all.

Sermon Discussion Questions:

1. Ozymandias thought his statue and his kingdom would last forever. What are some of the “statues” and “kingdoms” the world around you assumes will last forever. Are there any statues and kingdoms in your life you assume will always be there?
2. When did you encounter Jesus for the first time? What are some key moments in your life when your faith became personal? Who are some key people that have played a role in helping you see Jesus better?
3. When you think of how Jesus calls us to surrender everything in our lives and follow him, do you ever struggle to believe if he will be enough to replace all of that? Do you believe he, in fact, is enough?
4. What are some ways you’ve needed the rock of Jesus’ mercy this week? How might this change your approach to helping others going through hard times?