Discipling our Community

Aug 7, 2022    Greg Blosser

I. How should we engage in the mission to disciple our community, when the culture around us is hostile to our faith?
1. Embrace your place as a religious minority.
(The culture war is over and we lost).
2. Settle down in one place. Build a life and stay there as long as you can.
3. Pray for the people around you,
especially those who do not share your faith in Christ.
4. Be a blessing to the community. (Mostly a blessing rather than mostly a critic).

II. How can we gain a hearing for the gospel in a culture where those around us are deeply skeptical of our faith & sometimes even hostile to it?
1. Invest in deep, long lasting, reciprocal friendships with non-Christians.
2. Let them see your faith in Christ.
3. Let them see you struggle.

III. Now, I want us to take a look at Jesus.
1. Befriend even the most "scandalous" of sinners.
2. Refuse to be scandalized by their