Sovereign Through the Seasons

Mar 5, 2023    Trent Casto

In one of the most famous poems ever written, Ecclesiastes reminds us that we are not in control of the seasons of life and we are not capable of comprehending them. Yet, with the ups and downs and perplexities of the changing seasons, the sovereign God is working out all his holy will. Join us to experience the tremendous comfort this passage offers people living in a broken world.

Sermon Outline:

I. God Controls the Seasons, We Do Not.

II. God Always Comprehends the Seasons, We Do Not.

III. Trusting God’s Sovereignty Through the Seasons Allows Us to Enjoy His Gifts in Every Season.

Sermon Discussion Questions:

1. What situation or season of life has brought you to the place where you had to admit that you do not have control? Describe what that experience was like.

2. Does the fact that you are not in control of your life burden you or relieve you, and why?

3. God’s perspective encompasses everything, while our perspective is necessarily limited. How does this reality help us to trust him in the midst of the more challenging seasons of life such as an illness, grief, or conflict?

4. How does trusting God’s sovereignty free us to enjoy his good gifts in every season of life?

5. Is there a place in your life where you need to give up the struggle to control or understand a situation and simply rest on the loving sovereignty of God? (Psalm 131) Take some time to do that in prayer.