Am I Living it Right?

Jul 23, 2023    Trent Casto

How can anyone know if they are living life rightly before it is over? Some might argue that it’s being presumptuous to say that there is a “right” way to live. But how to live life rightly amid all the chaos, confusion, and ambiguity of our existence under the sun is what Ecclesiastes is all about. Join us for the final message in this series as we put it all together.

Sermon Outline:

I. The Communication of Wisdom

II. The Source of Wisdom

III. The End of Wisdom

Sermon Discussion Questions:

1. Have you ever wrestled with the question of whether you were “living it right”? What was (or is) that experience like?

2. The text says that the “words of the wise are like goads.” How has the study of Ecclesiastes been like a goad to you? Where have you been pushed, challenged, or made uncomfortable?

3. In the sermon you heard brief answers to six worldview questions. Discuss how different groups of people (eg. a secularist, a Muslim, someone who has made a religion out of political conservatism or liberalism) might answer those six questions and how those different answers would lead to very different approaches to living.

4. Ecclesiastes calls us to “Fear God and keep his commandments.” How does this simplify life in an often complicated world? How is the message of the gospel essential to obeying this simple command?

5. Reflecting on the concept of judgment presented in the sermon, how does the idea of God's judgment influence your daily decisions and actions? If you believed at the core of your being that God was going to commend you for every act of loving obedience, would it change anything about how you’re living?