Live Boldly

Jul 9, 2023    Trent Casto

The fear of uncertainty can keep us from pursuing a dream, from venturing into a relationship, from taking a step of faith, from starting that business or ministry, from reaching out to someone, or from using our gifts. How you respond to the uncertainties of life will either expand your life or reduce it. Join us to discover how and why we can live boldly for God’s glory in the face of uncertainty.

Sermon Outline:

I. Live Boldly Now Because You Do Not Know What Disaster May Happen.

II. Live Boldly Now Because You Don’t Know When the Time is Right.

III. Live Boldly Now Because You Don’t Know What God Will Do

Sermon Discussion Questions:

1. Can you share a personal experience of a time when you faced a significant uncertainty? How did it impact you?

2. Our response to life's uncertainties can either expand or diminish our life. Can you share a time when your response to uncertainty led to growth and fruitfulness or, conversely, held you back?

3. In what ways have you been “observing the wind” or “regarding the clouds” (v.4) in your life, effectively hesitating to take action due to perceived uncertainties or risks? How might you move past these hesitations?

4. How does the gospel free us to take risks for the glory of God in the face of uncertainty or potential failure? Where do you need to apply the gospel in your life today to live boldly for the glory of God?