Navigating a Dangerous & Unfair Life

Jun 18, 2023    Greg Blosser

Human leadership abuses power and the wicked are celebrated by the world. How are we to live when life is so dangerous and unfair? Ecclesiastes 8 gives us clues, though not as many as we might wish. Join us as we explore the necessity and limitations of wisdom for life.


I. How do we live in a world that is dangerous and unfair?

II. Trust God.

III. Have Joy


1. When has life seemed most unfair to you?

2. When has wisdom helped you navigate difficult interactions with authority?

3. When has wisdom failed to help you in a difficult situation?

4. Has the injustice or suffering in life ever tempted you to disbelieve in God

or to abandon your faith in him?

5. How does the Preacher in Ecclesiastes 8 resolve this tension?

6. How does Jesus provide a way forward for us?