The Power of Wisdom and Folly

Jul 2, 2023    Trent Casto

How many businesses have been ruined by one person’s folly? How many marriages through one foolish decision? How many nations, and how many churches, have been undone through the folly of its leaders? Wisdom and folly are not abstract ideas, but realities that impact the lives of everyone under the sun. Join us to consider the power of wisdom and folly!

Sermon Outline:

I. Value the Saving Power of Wisdom.

II. Heed the Destructive Power of Folly.

1. A Little Folly Ruins Much Good.

2. Folly Overturns Order.

3. Folly Brings Self-Destruction

i. Through Careless Action.

ii. Through Careless Inaction.

iii. Through Careless Words.

III. Choose Wisdom

Sermon Discussion Questions:

1. Have you experienced or observed a situation where one person's foolish decision impacted a larger group or organization?

2. Wisdom is often taken for granted and less valued than power. Can you think of any examples in your life where wisdom was overlooked or not appreciated?

3. How can we better value and celebrate wisdom in our communities, especially in the light of the biblical principle that “wisdom is better than might”?

4. The sermon cites a proverb, “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” How can this wisdom be applied to contemporary conflicts or discussions, particularly on digital platforms like social media?

5. We have seen the dangers of both careless action and careless inaction. Reflecting on your own life, can you identify moments where either of these types of carelessness led to unforeseen consequences? Is there any part of your life where you are acting carelessly now that you need to stop? Is there any part where you are carelessly not acting that you need to begin?