The Frustration of Unfulfilled Significance

Mar 19, 2023    Aaron Dean

What really drives us to excel in the workplace? Envy is rarely talked about nor admitted to. Yet, the Bible tells us it is often the motivation behind our labors and toil. Come join us to find out what the bible says about our work, those that won’t work, meaningful relationships and the contented peaceful life Jesus offers us.

1. Do you consider yourself and envious person? Have you considered ways envy might be operating in your life that were previously hidden from you?

2.Why is so hard to admit we are envious people?

3. What would you say to the man or woman who believes working is just part of the rat-race and unnecessary?

4. Are you content with what God has given to you? What does biblical contentment look like? How do we know if we have found it?

5. How might the analogy of “two-handed” vs “one-handed” serve us and others?

6. Are we more comfortable going it alone, or living in community? Why or why not? What are some of the benefits of living life in community? What makes it difficult?

7. Consider this week what you are living for!