Wisdom for the Young Before You're Old

Jul 16, 2023    Greg Blosser

Life is short. Decay and death comes for all of us. The book of Ecclesiastes shows us how to live life in light of these sobering truths. Chapter 11 and 12 are particularly relevant for young people and those of us who are no longer young should pay special attention to what the book says. The clock is ticking.

Discussion Questions:

1. As you think of aging, which do you fear losing the most: a youthful mind, a youthful body, a youthful heart?

2. What prevents us from enjoying the years we are presently in?

3. How does remembering "the days of darkness" affect our attitude towards life and aging?

4. What joys has God provided for you in your current stage of life?

5. What are some benefits of remembering our Creator while we are young? How about when we are no longer young?

6. Where do we see the grace of God at work for us in these verses?