A Compassionate People

Oct 9, 2022    Trent Casto

In this passage, Moses reminds the people of God that they were once enslaved, without hope, and unable to help themselves. Yet God stepped into their misery and demonstrated compassion toward them and rescued them from their misery. And now in this series of loosely connected laws, he calls forth the same kind of compassion to be demonstrated by his covenant people.

Sermon Outline:
I. Have Compassion on the Newly Married.
II. Have Compassion on those in Debt.
III. Have Compassion on Victims of Trafficking.
IV. Have Compassion for your Neighbor’s Health.
V. Have Compassion on those who Work for You.
VI. Have Compassion on the Poor.
VII. Have Compassion on the Innocent and the Guilty.

Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. Tell of a time when you were the recipient of someone else’s compassion? How did it impact you?
2. What do you think are some of the primary obstacles keeping Christians from being more compassionate toward others today?
3. Consider the commands in Deuteronomy 24:19-22. What do you think are some contemporary applications of this law to meet the needs of the poor and vulnerable while preserving their dignity?
4. What kind of person do you find it most difficult to feel and express compassion for? How can the gospel renew your heart and perspective toward such people?
5. What is one change you are going to intentionally make this week as a result of this passage?