Unfulfilled Longings

Jan 1, 2023    Trent Casto

Unless Jesus returns first, we will all die with unfulfilled longings, just like Moses. We will have goals we did not accomplish, books we did not write, places we did not travel, changes we did not make, things we did not say, growth that did not happen. Death is the jagged rock upon which our deepest longings will be dashed. How then should we live? Join us for the last in the Deuteronomy series.

Sermon Outline:

I. Death Comes to the Best of Us and to the Rest of Us.

II. Business Will Remain Unfinished and Longings Will Remain Unfulfilled.

III. No One is Indispensable and the World Will Move On.

IV. One Day, Death Will be Swallowed Up in Victory and Every Longing Will Be Satisfied.

Sermon Discussion Questions:

1. Think back on this series through Deuteronomy that began in August 2021. What were some highlights or main takeaways for you from studying this remarkable book?

2. Death will come to us all, as surely as it came to Moses. Why is facing this fact so important for living life well?

3. Unfulfilled longings will be the reality for each of us when we come to die. The question is whether the longings we have are worthy of who God has called us to be. What worthy pursuit are you unwilling to begin for fear of not finishing? How does this passage speak to that?

4. How does the resurrection and the promise of a new heavens and a new earth speak to the pain of our unfulfilled longings in this life? What kind of people ought we to be when we know that one day even our greatest sufferings will become the subject of God’s greatest praises?

5. What do you need to remember? Where do you need to trust? How is he calling you to obey?