Do Not Take Advantage

Sep 25, 2022    Trent Casto

To take advantage of other human beings, or to exploit them, seems as natural to us as breathing. We see it all around us everyday. But it is not to be so among God’s covenant people. Rather than taking advantage, we are called to love. Join us to find out how!

Sermon Outline:
I. Do not Take Advantage of the Refugee Slave.
II. Do Not Take Advantage of the Sinful Vices of Others.
III. Do Not Take Advantage of the Poor.
IV. Do Not Take Advantage of the LORD.
V. Do Not Take Advantage of Your Neighbor’s Generosity.
VI. Do Not Take Advantage of a Divorce.

Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. “Love does no wrong to a neighbor.” What are some ways that you see people being wronged or taken advantage of in our world today?
2. What modern-day equivalents of the refugee slave should the people of God provide refuge for today?
3. How might the poor be taken advantage of in our context? How do you see generosity being taken advantage of? How do you see divorce being used to take advantage? What can we do about any of these things as the covenant people of God?
4. Vows are taken very seriously in the Bible, but not so much by many of us. Reflect on the vows you have taken (eg. marriage, church membership, etc.). Are you living by them? Recommit yourself to give what you have promised in light of what Christ has given you.