Strong Foundations in Times of Uncertainty

Dec 4, 2022    Trent Casto

The people of Israel are facing the uncertainty of a leadership transition. Who and what will they be able to depend on when they cross the Jordan and face the enemies that caused their parents’ faith to shrivel up and die? We, too, go through times of uncertainty. We may be passing from one season of our life across a Jordan river moment into an unknown land and we do not know what to expect. What strong foundations can we depend on when we enter times of uncertainty?

Sermon Outline:

Foundation #1: God’s presence is the foundation of our strength and courage at all times.

Foundation #2: God’s appointed leaders are the ordinary means

by which God brings us into what he has promised.

Foundation #3: God’s Word gives us needed direction about how to be,

what to do, and how to return.

Foundation #4: God’s unchanging character gives us confidence

that we can always depend on him to do what he has promised.

Sermon Discussion Questions:

1. Where are you cognizant of uncertainty in your life today?

2. How should God’s presence give us strength and courage in the face of uncertainty? If we are allowing fear to lead us to disobedience, what are we forgetting?

3. What are some reasons why it is so important that we continually expose ourselves to the reading and preaching of God’s Word? What are our personal hindrances to taking in God’s Word?

4. Prosperity was generally a hinderance to Israel faithfully following the Lord. How can we ensure that our own prosperity does not lead us astray from the true God?

5. How does God’s unchanging character give you confidence in uncertainty even though you may personally fail?