Grateful People are Obedient People

Oct 23, 2022    Trent Casto

Gratitude is the natural response to rescue. In this passage, Moses prescribes a couple of rituals and recitations that will serve to remind the people of what God has done for them. Come discover how gratitude for God’s grace expresses itself in obedient worship, obedient giving, and obedient living.

Sermon Outline:
I. Give thanks for God’s grace through obedient worship.
II. Give thanks for God’s grace through obedient giving.
III. Give thanks for God’s grace through obedient living.

Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. Have you ever been rescued or saved from something scary or life-threatening?
What did that feel like, and how did you respond?
2. In our worship, we should be cognizant of God’s provision for us, his faithfulness to us,
and his rescue of us. How can we keep these things in mind as we worship?
What happens if we forget?
3. Why is giving to the local church and to those in need an appropriate response to God’s
grace to us? Do your own giving practices reflect your own sense of gratitude
for what God has done for you and promised to you?
4. How does knowing you are God’s treasured possession affect your understanding of his
commandments? How is disobedience to any of God’s commandments ultimately
a failure to remember and trust?
5. Reflect today on what God has done for you. Take some time to pray and re-commit
yourself to obeying all of his commands in loving gratitude for his abundant grace
to you in Christ.